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Crime in 1927
A deadliest school related massacre happened in America. A man named Andrew Kehoe got upset over property tax and wired the perimeter of an elementary school with dynamite and set it off on May 18th in Bath, Michigan. From Kehoe doing this he killed 45 people; 38 of them were children. At the time, Bath was a farm community with under 300 residents. The most modernist feature was the Bath consolidated school, which opened in 1922 and brought all the students in the same school. Kehoe’s neighbor, Monty J Ellsworth said that the school was marked superior to the “common country school”. The only reason why the property tax went up is so the township can pay for the school’s bonds. This made Andrew Kehoe upset. He was a local farmer with training of an electric engineer. He was a stubborn man who was fond of drastic solutions to small problems. Ellsworth noted that Kehoe once shot a noisy dog and killed his own horse because it was lazy. On May 20th, 1927 Kehoe was known as a dynamite farmer. His neighbors even said that he was always blowing up stumps and rocks on his property. Kehoe hated taxes and decided to join the school board to argue against them. In 1926, Kehoe ran for town clerk but his reputation preceded him. After several months of failing to become town clerk, he accessed the school and packed the whole perimeter with dynamite. The day before the explosion Ellsworth had visited Kehoe. Ellsworth saw in the back seat of Kehoe’s car that there was…