Amelia Earhart Essay

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Amelia Earhart was the first female solo pilot. She opened the door for many aspiring female pilots. In the early days of aviation, she took many risks to prove that women could be pilots. Unfortunately, she disappeared mysteriously on her last flight. To this day, no one knows for sure what happened to her, although there are several different theories. Amelia saw her first airplane in 1908 at the Iowa State Fair, but her love of flying lay dormant(Christmas day 1920 her father took her to the opening of a new airfield in Long Beach California. Since then she has began flying lessons with Neta Shook. She soon after moved there and on June 1921, Amelia Earhart took her first solo flight over Los Angeles, California. After she was mentioned in magazines from setting the world records the public fell in love with her because she looked like Charles Lindbergh. Her nickname was Lady Lindy. Amelia Earhart has countless numbers of world records. Earhart went missing on her last flight. Once Earhart went missing, one of the largest search parties in history: 60 planes, 10 ships, which covered 250,000 square miles. After searching for them for 2 weeks and cost 4 million, she was officially dead in 1937. Charles Lindbergh was the first man and person to Fly across the Atlantic ocean in 1927(. He flew more than thirty-six hundred miles in thirty and a half hours. On May 20, 1927 Charles Lindbergh departed in the Spirit. He inspired Earhart to begin her journey across the same ocean in 1937. When Amelia Earhart was twenty-four she had saved enough money and bought her first plane, but due to family problems she sold it and moved back home which caused a delay in her pilot career. On September 23, 1930 her father died caused by stomach cancer. When Amelia Earhart was first learning to fly, people in the community looked down upon her because she was interested in a men’s’ sport. Amelia Earhart showed that women could do the same things that men could accomplish. She broke a new women’s world altitude record at 14000 feet in 1922. On 1928 she was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. Amelia was the first woman to fly and cross an autogyro over the United