Amenah 101 1 Essay

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Amenah Al Obaidi
Karen Palmer
11022 English 101

Ad Analysis of Huggies diaper and baby wipes How can you make the best choice for your baby? There’s no guarantee that any decision you make will be “right.” But by following the right steps, you can make the best decision possible. Choosing the right brand of diapers or wipes can be challenging for most mothers but for Huggies advertisers it’s not much of a challenge to help you choose them with their funny and colorful advertisements. The ad shows how Huggies advertisers turned a whole diaper aisle into a fitting room for the mothers to try on the diapers with their kids. The fitting room had big lights shining on it, with the big red curtains to draw in the costumers. When the mothers and their babies came into the fitting rooms to fit the diapers into their kids, their kids came out in this slip on diaper that stays in place when the baby moves and it’s made for boys and girls for better support. They also used bright cheerful colors with the surprise of it being a baby fitting room. By doing that they made the environment happy for the mothers and kids which persuade them into trying it out. As for the baby wipes, they showed how easy it is to clean your baby in an instant with making sure that it is soft for the baby skin and cleans without leaving a spot behind. In addition, they showed that the diaper can be for multiple ages and multiple brands for both genders. Like training pants that feel cool when wet for boy, or for girls with a waistband that helps them learn to take it on and off easily without any hassle with the fact they are absolutely way more absorbent than any other diaper. The advertisers didn’t stop at just making a fitting room that was colorful and inviting, they also clapped and joked with the babies by saying, “are you ready to have your first fitting?” When the advertisers joked around with the kids and gave them their own special clothes hanger, it made the mothers more