America Airlines Outline Essay

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Since April 1926, many airline companies have consolidated to become what we now call American Airlines. American Airlines became a part of the AMR corporation along with American Eagle, a subsidiary which travels from smaller cities to larger cities using layovers in larger cities. American Airlines is an airline than has seen much growth and tried various marketing strategies since its initial flights in 1926. American Airlines celebrated its one millionth customer on February 1937 and it's one billionth customer in 1991.

AMR corporation provided first and foremost, air travel. They continued to change with the times starting out with aircrafts such as the and moving forward to the Beoing 757, which they had to retire because of the ever increasing fuel prices, which is one of the largest factors affecting air travel. Costs are being passed down to the travel now days with things such as baggage fees, which before 2008 were included in airfare. From 1947 to 1986 AMR corporation had a subsidiary called Sky Chef which provided food to passengers aboard American Airlines flights. AMR corporation also has consulting companies called AMR consulting for smaller airlines. American Airlines Flight Academy is also a subsidiary, in which they train pilots.

American Airlines parent company AMR corporation filed bankruptcy in November 2011 and since has been making a turnaround financially. American Airlines is global with flights to Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia and over eight hubs throughout the United States, the largest bing in Dallas Fort Worth . The management of American Airlines is…