Essay about America and Africa Women

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July 30, 2011
Diagnostic exam

Women in Togo and women in United States Women in general are less inferior person than men. They need men courage and support to do some tasks. Women have a lot of little tasks to do beside their work compare to men. However, in this millennium, women have to fight for their own life to survive. Compare women in United States and those in Togo, their work look similar.
Women in the United States are more self-sufficient, for their work like men. For example, men and women work early in the morning at the same schedule with men at the whole food groceries store. Also women have to contribute to pay the rent or mortgage of the house, and furnish some house supply like the men do. In addition, women have to take care of the children in the house; for instance, set breakfast early in the morning for the children, cook the dinner all day during the weekend for the week days to her kids. Women in this country are doing much more than people expect from them. Next, single women in United States are more vulnerable with this life of hard working women. For example, I met a woman actually a co-worker of my at the restaurant who told me she is a single mother with three kids; I asked her about her husband and she replied ‘he gone” she add, one day form work, I found my kids alone at home and I ask them where is dad? They replied “we do not know” since that day until now. That woman works two jobs to survive with hers kid, and have only Sunday to