America and the Holocost Essay

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America and the Holocaust The holocaust occurred from 1937-1945 and took place when Adolf Hitler became “Kaiser”, the leader of Germany. The holocaust was Hitler cleansing of Europe and especially Germany with what Hitler considered racial impurities. Hitler’s ideals of racial supremacy lead to the deaths of fifty-three million people and many more slaughtered by Hitler and his men, in addition to losses on both side when the allied powers stepped up to put a stop to Hitler’s massacres. Hitler killed any who got in his way men, women, children, elderly, and even members of his own race, Greman, when he thought it necessary.
Five weeks after Hitler rose to power Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected President of the United States. Upon his entry into office it was evident that he was completely against Hitler and when the atrocities began he began working to help Jew find safety and escape Hitler’s' reach. There were many people who believed that FDR did not do enough to help J and that he should have immediately went to with Germany. Though FDR did not jump into war the first chance he got, He was always working hard to find ways to get the Jews to safety working with many other countries asking them to take them into their countries. FDR was not able to allow as many Jews as he wanted into the U.S because of immigration laws in place at the time; however, he worked hard to take in as many Jewish immigrants as he could though he was constantly opposed by congress.
In 1938 the Kristallnacht assassination of a German diplomat in 1938 by a Jewish teenager caused a frenzy of violence and destruction that took its toll on many cities as Germans retaliated with acts of mob violence. During these Mob attacks there was little or no opposition from law enforcement the Germans were allowed to run rampant and do as they pleased this was the beginning of the unleashing of the full destructive force of the Germans under Hitler.