Essay on America: Disability and Sam

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The movie I am Sam is a drama about that challenges that a mentally handicapped father is forced to face. The main character in the movie (Sam) is abandoned by the mother of their child and is forced to become a single parent. Thankfully Sam is blessed with an elderly and helpful neighbor who assists in occasionally raising the child and providing parenting tips. Sam’s intelligence is at the level of a seven year old child which was fun for his daughter when she was young. But as she grew older, Lucy, felt guilty for being smarter than her father and would find ways to “hold herself” back from school and learning. Due to Sam’s inability to properly care for his daughter and after much debate in court, Lucy is assigned to a foster family where Sam is able to visit as much as he pleases but is no longer the primary care taker. I found this movie to be very emotional and intriguing. Through this film I was able to see what it’s like for a mentally disabled being to be a parent and how they have to struggle with work and childcare just like others. I was moved by the way Sam interacted with Lucy and was able to play with her just like one of her kid friends. I learned that those with mentally disabilities are capable of loving their children as much if not more than other parents. Although Sam wasn’t not able to provide for Lucy and meet her every need, he loved her unconditionally and would stop at no end to get her back. Through this film I also realized how being belittled can affect one with a mental disability. Because of what I saw in this film, I will be sure to constantly…