america during the 1930s Essay

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In the 1929 America witnessed it biggest financial crises in American history. The Wall Street crash was an event which leads to America’s problem. In the 1930’s there were many events which lead to Americas down fall i.e. the dust bowl and the great depression.
The dust bowl
The dust bowl was when the soil of California, Texas and Oklahoma was over use which took all the nutrients away from the rich soil which turned it to sand and the harsh winds from the south which caused sand storms and made life for the farmers extremely difficult. The conditions went so bad that the farmers were forced to leave their homes and move to other states to find work or to buy fertile land which is suitable to farm on.
The migrant workers
Due to the dust bowl there were lots of farmers migrating to other states such as California to find work but California once a rich and fertile land was now like all the other states un fertile from the over use of land and this lead to the increase of jobless people which eventually lead to increase of crime and the violent gangs such as the new York mafia. Also the worker were not treated well were forced to work on low wages and in the southern states black American workers were lynched by the KKK a racial white American group based on wiping out all black people from America.
The great depression
The great depression was caused by the Wall Street crash which wiped out millions of dollars form existence.