America: Immigration to the United States and Government Spending Money Essay

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Within the last 20-50 years in American history, there have been a fair share of controversial topics and issues that have risen to the surface, and caught people's attention. After doing some research, I have concluded that some of the most talked about or, 'famous' issues are immigration, over spending on the government's end, carelessness towards education, the antiwar protests in the 70's, the amount of drug use in the 70's and 80's. Immigration in the U.S. is a very controversial topic among all Americans and immigrants themselves. In 2000, 60.9% of immigrants were considered illegal. In my opinion, that is a lot of people. The issue with this is, even though they are not legal, they can still earn welfare benefits while not having to pay taxes. Most immigrants list themselves as self-employed so that they do not have to pay taxes and can be paid under the table. Even though they are labeled illegal, they can still collect government assistance. In all, 25.5% of all welfare benefits are used by illegal immigrants, while natives only use 13.1% of all the benefits ever offered since the beginning of the welfare programs in the TYPE or PASTE your text here... U.S. If you look at the U.S. debt clock online from 2000, you will see that the most money the government spent was on healthcare, Medicaid, and the welfare programs. There are many people who say that we are spending the money on good causes, while others argue we are wasting all of it. In general, it has a lot to do with your selected party. Generally Democrats say that the government spending money of welfare programs and healthcare is a good thing because it's helping people who can't afford it. While on the other hand, most Republicans do not think the government should be spending so m much money on welfare programs and healthcare. It all just depends on your own personal opinion. Out of all the trillions and billions of dollars spent every year by the government, only 3% goes towards education. Some would argue and say this is okay, what more do we need? Others, like public school teachers, argue and say we need a lot more funding than the little bit we get. Most of the money would go towards buildings, or books. Most of the time, teacher's pay gets cut because the government is not funding the educational system enough to pay for all of the teachers each school needs. In Florida, the law has been changed to only being allowed to have 26 children at the most in a core classrooms. But what the adults who voted on this don't understand is, that means we need a lot more teachers. At a school like mine, Pasco High School, it gets crowded very easily with 1500+ students. But what really is aggravating, is the lack actual education going on. Most of the time, even as a senior, you won't get the classes you asked for. Simply because there isn't enough space in the classrooms. It seems as if because we are a small town school that isn't well known, were being robbed the opportunity to completely exhausts our education