America in the early 20th Century Essay

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America in the early 20th Century Ever wonder how did the Progressive Era shape the United States? It all began after the Reconstruction during the 1880’s. During the 1880’s people were tired of Government corruptions and favoritism. It was a time for a new change!!! Muckrakers would reveal the “muck” right in front of the whole country by novels, books and the press. The members of the Republican Party began the Reformal Movement. They created the Civil-Service System which was not about who you knew, it was about what you knew. Many corruptions were busted and trusts were broken by many presidents like William Taft, Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. One major Government corruption that was around was the Spoil System or “Patronage”. This allowed federal workers to pass their jobs or “badges” to their relatives. This system also allowed the workers to be unexperienced and untrained for the job. At that time, if there was a robbery in a bank it was probably the guards “sleeping on the job”. This changed when the Republican Party started the Reformal Movement. This led to the Civil-Service System and was about what you knew, not who you knew. Soon it made way to exams and training in order to get federal jobs. If the Air Forces wanted a pilot, the person must have an educational degree and training experience in order to get the job. This system gave a chance to immigrants to get better jobs based on what they knew. Another major problem was child labor which led to Labor Rights. This led to the ending of Child Labor in some states but also lowered the maximum hours per day and made better working conditions for workers. In addition the Labor Rights also made women’s and men’s wages equal. This helped to make the law about employers paying workers who were injured because of their jobs. Soon this made a way to “vacation days” which are the days you can stay home without going to your job but still get paid. Workers also got insurance in the following years. Insurances helped them go to hospitals and not pay the cost. Without the Labor Rights, United States as a country, would have low wages to this day with no insurance to recover workers. Right now these laws became even better by giving out pensions to federal workers who are retired seniors. Some people may disagree with the Labor Rights law because insurances can cost too…