America Needs Its Nerds Discussion Peice Essay

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The article Mr. Fridman wrote is very interesting. When I began reading/analyzing this article I started comparing the things that he portrays and the stuff that I see/live in, and I do agree with some of the things he says. However, when I compare the problems he says are occurring that in our society to our school, I don't really think that this problem really happens at our school or atleast to what I can see. The reason I say this is due to the fact that nerds or geeks are starting to become the ones that people appreciate more. A good majority of people at our school are talented both in sports and in academics. Unfortunately, there are some people at the school who are a "Jock" and are not really as outgoing or act like there a "Badboy" or "Badgirl", who are not expressing there full potential and are going nowhere, but people like that are starting to disapate as people realize how important it is to take your education. I am starting to see people who care about their grades and are social. Take for example Mr. Thornburg's class for example, a good two thirds of the class play a sport and to my knowledge care about their grades. There are also some people who don't play any sports but are good in class. But, of course there are some people that are slackers and don't try as hard as they could and just aim for the bare-minimum. I see the main point of Mr. Fridmans argument which to sum up is that we need to stop Idolizing the jocks and start Idolizing the nerds or…