America Needs a Green Revolution Essay

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Isabel Rosiek
Mrs. Painter
A.P. English 11
America Needs a Green Revolution There are many obstacles that our world faces today; one of the most troublesome is the conservation of our planets resources. In order for not only our country, but the world to evolve, it is necessary that we take precautionary steps toward preserving our planet. America needs to follow the example demonstrated by Canada’s Green Energy Act, which “…is intended to expand renewable energy production, encourage energy conservation and create green jobs” [Vasil]. There are four ways that our government could accomplish something similar to Canada’s Green Energy Act. The first way is through establishing a carbon tax, the second through incentives for businesses, thirdly mandatory business regulations, and finally government funded alternate energy sources, on a large scale. Carbon taxing, which is a form of carbon pricing, would offer a cost effective way of reducing green-house emissions. James Hadley, from, explained that, “carbon taxing is a direct tax on the carbon content of fossil fuels (coal, oil, and natural gas).” Which could then be used by the government to more easily regulate emissions from vehicles as well as companies. Rep. David McKinley said in response to the carbon tax that “a carbon tax would increase the cost of everything … [and create burdens] on middle class Americans and prevent our economy from recovering” [Beard]. This however is an easy fix, by using the tax revenues to favor low-income groups you could eliminate this burden that is associated with the carbon tax. In addition to carbon taxing it would be possible to offer incentives for companies that are ‘going green.’ In offering incentives to companies or individual communities you would be opening opportunities to people that are otherwise uninterested in such things. Incentives would then establish the green movement as a national priority to all. These incentives would be funded through the tax revenue that is collected from the carbon tax. By broadening the incentives to individual communities there could be county wide initiatives to compete for the ‘greenest town.’ A great example of this is Sustainable Jersey which is a program in New Jersey for communities that want to go green, save money, and takes steps toward preserving their quality of life over the long term. The organization not only provides tools, but also training, and as I said earlier, financial incentives to support and reward as the communities grow in pursuing sustainability. Later on as the carbon tax and incentives were established it would then be possible to create mandatory regulations concerning energy sources. America currently has construction and permit regulations on industrial companies. These restrictions, which are established by the EPA, restrict green-house gas emissions, supervise waste disposal, and prevent water contamination. However these regulations are nowhere near the complexity that is necessary to remain fruitful. In order for these regulations to remain effective the EPA needs to set regulations that would be instituted over the next five years that would eventually lead to the companies operating on completely renewable resources. As we progressed over these five years we could then begin to incorporate alternate energy sources into the everyday lives of Americans. These energy sources would come from renewable energy sources that would suit the different geographical as well as population diverse regions of our country. For example in places like the Midwest it would be optimal to have renewable wind energy sources, using wind