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Dear Bob Herbert,

In your exert, A Fire In The Basement, you were able to change my mind on whether America is over or not. My few concerns with your article are intended not to be taken in the wrong way. Without a doubt, after reading A Fire In The Basement, I am sure that many were persuaded by your rhetorical strategies without notice. Readers who started reading your article thinking that America is not over, have a new opinion once finish reading what you wrote. In my Ap English Composition class we have had discussions about you and your ways on how to change the mind of the person, known as rhetorical strategies. Regardless of what anyone one has said I think you use of words is brilliant. In fact I hope that after reading my letter to you, you in some way feel that maybe one day I can be the next Bob Herbert. However, if not I would love to hear your feedback on how I could change my direction in writing so in the future I have a chance at being as great of a writer. When my teacher had first brought up the question “Is America Over?”, my initial reaction was far from what it is now. I thought to myself there is no way that America is even close to being over. To my surprise, I was very ignorant to what was going on around that would cause an audience to believe otherwise. My ignorance on the matter was no longer there after I read your article. After the first paragraph, I was already changing my mine because there is no way a country on the right path would