America The Melting Pot Essay

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Eboni Smith
World Geography B1
18 December 2013
America the Melting Pot: Immigrants and Assimilation
The definition of a melting pot is when different cultures, races, and religions combine and form new cultures, races, and religions.1 that is exactly what America is. America has taken all kinds of cultures and “melted” them into the American culture. Although America is not the most multicultural country in the world, it is still a very diverse country. But it was not always like that. In the 19th century, many immigrants were forced to assimilate into the American culture and adapt to the American ways; also known as undergo Americanization.2 Many who did not comply with the rule, were most likely not let into the country, so they changed. They knew that America would be their ticket to freedom, and they were willing to change just to get there. Some did not have a problem with the American culture, so changing their culture was not that big of a deal for them. But that was the past; things have changed since the 20th century.
America just wants everyone to become an American so that there will be no differences among others and also, there will be no problems, or conflict, between the different cultures races, religions. But nowadays, many immigrants (most from Latin America and Asia) are not willing to drop their cultures and religions just to be a part of America­ They are too committed.3 Many people believe that America should become more like