America, the World Essay

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America, the world’s bully

Is it really necessary to go to war? While some may ask this question, others ponder if it’s possible to attain world peace. As quoted by Ralph Waldo Emerson “peace cannot be achieved through violence, it can only be attained through understanding.” Throughout history, there have been many famous battles involving violence, the Rwandan genocide, the English civil war, and the 20th world wars. There is no doubt that humanity’s foundations were brought through blood. As for the present, we are still seeing the same mistakes being made over and over again, just like a broken record. At the forefront of this is America; being the world’s current superpower means that America can choose to be a world leader for promoting peace. However, this is not the case, instead we see the United States of America waging war against one country to the next, like a bully picks on the weak.

One may argue that the government of the United States use their countries “super power” only to protect the American people and their country. That they use their military power as a shield rather than a sword. Although this may seem true, quite frankly it’s not. Countries go to war for many reasons, one being nationalism. Sadly, the US government informs Americans that their nation is better than others, that their way is the right way, that their country contains more freedom and that communism cannot be tolerated. This is a tactic employed to persuade Americans to agree with starting war amongst different countries, thinking that it’s for the better. In particular the saying, “peace in the middle east” is now fictional as American’s continue to stay in Iraq.

Secondly, America is a world bully because they pick on the weak. In less than 50 years we’ve seen country after country being picked on. Whether it’s really to spread freedom or to take the countries resources can be debated upon, but can this apply for starting wars? Over the years, we’ve seen America wage war on: Afghanistan, Iraq (twice), Haiti, Panama, Grenada, Laos, Cambodia and North Korea. They also invaded countries such as Cuba, Nicaragua, Lebanon, Somalia, and the Dominican Republic. These are all developing countries. The US is taking away their freedom of choice and freewill by turning those countries into warzones.

Last but not least, America imposes physiological warfare on their victims. Lowering the other country’s morale is part of how they start and win conflicts. This year, the US government is picking on North Korea because they are a communist country, a minority. If a future war was to be fought between The United States and North