America Then Vs. America Now Essay

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On numerous occasions, people have mumbled under their breath, “History repeats itself”. For instance, the Holocaust and the Rwandan genocide, both happened years apart; however, people believe humanity has learned nothing from the prior. Due to the recurrences over time, people think that things that have happened in the past will continue to happen in the future. Certainly, that is not the case with America. Since the 20th century, America has drastically changed in terms of culture, economy and technology.
In 1930’s, things were very different. The culture was very simple. People cut down on their lavish lifestyles and irrelevant necessities to save money. Due to the great depression, people didn’t have enough to eat, let alone buy new clothes. To earn extra money, people had to rent out rooms to still be able to run their homes. Although the times were tough, people still indulged in small activities that made them feel happy and content. Movies and board games were very popular at that point in time. People would gather around the radios to listen to news or speeches of Franklin Roosevelt or the baseball commentary. In the 30’s culture, big sized suits and hats were prominent in men’s attire. Alternatively, women would wear long dresses and clothing that were far less revealing. The culture of 1930’s saw an increase in religion, particularly Christianity. People, because of hard circumstances, started going to the church more often to atone for their sins. Because of financial chaos, the rate of unemployment increased, stock market crashed and construction contracts were abandoned. Poverty was at its highest at this point of time. In the 30’s, the technology was very limited. Radio was the dominant mass media. Although television existed, they were not very popular in American households. The main source of communication was through letters and postcards because majority of Americans did not own phones. Though the 1930’s was an economically and emotionally depressing decade, it proved to be a pivotal time in Roosevelt’s life as he managed the rise of the nation.
Today, the United States of America is quite different from what it was in the 1930’s. Comparing to the 1930’s, America is still one of the most powerful and diverse countries in the world. Firstly, the culture, often referred to as “The American way of life”, today is very modern. The United States is a wealthy country at present, which gives the utmost preference to its citizens. People are too busy earning millions of dollars instead of spending quality time with family and friends. Technology is at its high and people are highly influenced by Hollywood. People have shifted their taste in music. Before, people would listen to classical or country music, now they’re moved by hip-hop and rap. Similarly, the styles of dancing have shifted from ballet and ballroom dance to popping-locking and break dance. The fashion trends have changed immensely over the period of time. The country is highly influenced by designer wear and people wear clothes that suit their comfort. Majority of the people in the country follow Christianity. Moreover, the economy of