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America Today in the Prison’s
Melanie Fife
American InterContinental University
March 17, 2013
Chad Faries

I’m writing a paper that has 5 different sources, that have books, newspaper articles, and Government papers, that has something to deal with America’s prisons today in society.

America has a huge problem with our prison system being overcrowded. The crime rate has increased so much and we are just making me people go to jail or prison. The topic I chose was the prison system being over-crowded. I know many people that have been on both sides of the prison's walls, which allows me to see both sides of the prison system. Prison's in American are very over-crowded due to crimes being committed more often than what they were ten years ago due to not being staffed properly, not having enough room for all the inmates, and the system just trying to have you do your time and not trying to get you back to society. Prison Overcrowding has so many issues understaffing can lead to security and control difficulties. It can also cause heath and the well-being of the inmate’s problems. They will have more violence and conflicts because they are understaffed and cannot be watched properly. Not enough security can make it harder to manage the prison. They can increase opportunities for exercise, sports, and church. Active inmates are less likely to feel stressed or hostile. We can also classify offenders due to the level of their risk and their crime. Improve organization and train inmates on basic sanitation and personal hygiene. As the need for living space increases the space available for educational, jobs, and church is often reduced or taking away completely. We could use volunteers, train the staff on basic skills on communication, being respectful, anger management, and being able to control a conflict. To help with the issue of overcrowding we could build more prisons to increase available space, or we can try to find a new way of reducing the number of inmates and the incarceration rate. Andre Kuhn wrote an article on "What can we do about prison overcrowding?" He had many points what we could do like build more prison to increase available space or we can try to find a new way of reducing the number of inmates and the incarceration rates. He also said the can make more cells for inmates or reduce the length of the stay of the inmate.
Susan Campers wrote an article on “A Failing Correctional System: State Prison Overcrowding in the United States.” Reformatories and indeterminate sentences, parole and probation were introduced to the prison system. There were practices that hoped to reform offenders and reward them for good behavior, even though intentions were good finances were getting low. It was apparent that probation and parole officers were responsible for an overwhelming number of cases. Probation and Parole violations led to quickly imposed sentences. So they started building more prison, creating more space. Some prison’s advocate punishment and protection, rehabilitation, we still fill the prison beyond their capabilities. When the overcrowding becomes a problem we just build more prisons. We have had some prisons order to release inmates because they were so full. When Clinton was president he was on the war on crime, which led to more police and more arrest. Having non-violent offenders in prison is basically failing to do the jobs prisons were supposed to do.
Another article wrote by Antony Gregory called “The Real Reason behind Overcrowding in Prisons.” He wrote stop locking up so many people and start letting them a lot of people out. There are so many laws in United States. Prisoners are locked up for drug violations and non-violent crimes. Back in the day, you use to be able buy heroin and cocaine in a store and it was legal. Throwing people in prison for drug crimes is not going to reduce drug abuse; it’s going to create violent crimes and gang warfare. Those who have committed