America Versus Canada Essay

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America Versus Canada
When comparing two different countries most people may look at the negatives before the positives. Most Americans can’t admit it, but they are actually very biased towards the other cultures, traditions, and ideals of foreign lands. Being a very liberal country, Canada differs greatly, but at the same time shares many of the same cultures, traditions, and ideals as the United States.
As a Canadian citizen, I have lived with the bias that my own family has towards the United States. Some of my family members from England, who now live in Canada, still call America “the Colonies.” I’ve always thought of my family to be very liberal and accepting towards other cultures, however they too have there own bias.
Because of the free health insurance that Canada offers, many of my family members wish to return when it comes time to retire. Personally, I have always used the excuse to move back as a last resort. I have no intentions of moving back any time soon, however the price to renew my green card increased greatly after September 11, 2001, making me more aware of what I’d have to do if I were to choose that path.
After living most of my life in the States, I too have my own judgment as to the advantages and disadvantages to living in each country. After serving in the United States Army for four years of my life, I have seen, from a military perspective, what some of these differences are. With my Canadian passport I am able to travel to more countries than an American citizen (without military influence). Many other countries

4 have a bad opinion of Americans because of the control and power they have had and their ability to ship and fly in troops by the thousands quickly taking control of a country.
Kidnapping has and will always be an issue for not only Americans but Canadians as well. We see it all the time on World News how easily foreign countries can do this. Being an American in a third world country can especially attract a lot of very bad attention. Families in these countries make a living conducting chaos originated by their hatred towards all who have no intention of there own well-being.
Many people from around the world migrate to both the United States and Canada. When first entering the States, an alien (someone from another country) has certain requirements that need to be fulfilled before living out the American dream. These requirements consist of getting a job, greencard (permanent residency card), and later continuing on to receive American citizenship. Some of the unwritten requirments consist of adopting the American standard of life and sustaining a legacy for the prosperity of future generations. In Canada the new residents from other nations are not expected to adopt any specific way of life. One example would be how an individual from India still would practice their religion and beliefs openly without being marked as an outsider. A close friend of my sister, who lives outside of Toronto, has a dot on