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1.02 America’s Georgraphy
1. (DBA) How do tools of geography help us learn about history? Provide examples of each of the tools described in this lesson. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of these tools?
Geographic Tools: maps, globes, the Global Positioning System (GPS), and online programs like Google Earth™.
People rely on Geographic tools to get from one place to another, find a location, or determine the distance between places.
Globe is a sphere-shaped model that gives us a three-dimensional view of the earth.
Map helps us with the details. It is a representation of a part of Earth.
3. (DBA) List and describe the ecosystems found in the United States. ( Tundra, Alpine, Desert, Deciduous Forest, & Grasslands) Explain where each ecosystem is located and the characteristics of each.
5 main ecosystems in the United States: alpine, tundra, grasslands, deciduous forest, and sandy-desert.
Description of Map
Ecosystem Name
Highlighted area along the Rocky Mountains and central Alaska alpine There once was a young man named Al Pine. Al Pine was super tall and attended college at Northwestern University.
Highlighted areas of northern Alaska and Canada tundra One afternoon Al Pine went bowling with several of his friends where he ran into his old girlfriend, Tundra. Her name was not Tundra—it was Patty—but he called her Tundra because she was always so bitterly cold toward him. One day while Al Pine was at Tundra’s home, he and Tundra's dad knocked down all of the trees in their backyard, leaving her yard treeless.
Highlighted area east of the Rocky Mountains through the Great Plains grasslands/prairie In the effort of cleaning up the yard, they called Ms. Prairie’s nursery and ordered ten pallets of grass for their land. Tundra and Al Pine drove back and forth to the nursery in the effort of filling in the holes with dirt and making the land grassy.
Highlighted area east of the Great Plains to the Atlantic coast deciduous forest
While they were at Ms. Prairie’s nursery, Tundra’s dad thought about making the front yard totally deciduous, like ridiculous-deciduous, with plants and shrubs all over. After purchasing the most green plants and shrubs Tundra