America's Hidden Truth Essay

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America’s Hidden Truth
December 18th, 1910

Muckraking is “to search for and expose misconduct in public life”. Many journalists are dedicated to find any kind of scandals in American society. Newspapers filled cities with these journalists’ opinions and statements about various exposures of poor conditions throughout America. This article will uncover the stomach-turning lives of poor, average American. America is seen as a dominating, money-making nation when in reality, most citizens are struggling from pay-check to pay-check. America’s industries make billions of dollars, yet the workers are paid poorly and work in dangerous, unhealthy areas.

Forty-five years ago, 1865, American industries produced $2 billion worth of products. Seeing production from ten years ago, 1900, the production has grown by six times more, raising the dollar sign to $13 billion. American’s industries are making good money; but if you look deeper, how are the workers whom this high production possible being paid and treated?

Unfairly, of course. As a first timer looking and interviewing various, anonymous industry workers, my eyes, ears, and mind were shocked. The hard work and long hours per week that each worker puts in towards an industry is poorly paid return. Although the weekly pay rose by a few dollars throughout the years of arguing, the workers deserve more! Workers live in slums are forced to share apartments buildings with other families when already having to live in tight, small living spaces. These workers who live in slum tenements are the reason why their bosses are living in large, private homes. Is this what America calls “fair”? Does America admit that workers are forced to work in unhealthy conditions? If you are not an industry worker, this news will shock you.

Workers are exposed to terrible working conditions. My colleagues warned me about investigating the working conditions, but I desired to