American and French revolution were similar Essay

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The American and French Revolution both differed and reflected each other through their social and political developments. In the late 1700s and early 1800s, both the Enlightenment and needs of the people spurred the American and French Revolution. The American Revolution resulted in a democratic republic, free from the control of Britain. The French revolution was a series of incidents and government coup d’états that showed the faults of feudalism and total democracy. After the revolution, the United States’ government converted from being part of the English monarchy to becoming an elastic democratic republic, while, even after a series of climatic events, France failed to dissolve its monarchy. During the American Revolution, the founding fathers secured America’s future and satisfied the population by employing a democratic republic, instead of a total democracy, while during several points of the French revolution, a total democracy was employed and failed. In James Madison’s Federalist No. 10, Madison emphasizes that a total democracy will lead to a faulty government because the population may not know what is best for the country, while having a republic democracy, the people will vote for experienced representatives that understand the people’s view and the government’s capabilities.
One of the faults and driving forces of the French Revolution was its response to the people’s representation. The idealists who took control of the first French Revolution let