American Bullion Scholorship Essay

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As upcoming generations begin to invest in stocks, bonds, and products, an investment to keep in mind is gold. Rather than an investment, gold, which has hit a record high of $1910 per ounce, pegs as a hedge against inflation. With the nation’s debt approaching $18 trillion, which could very well lead to a new wave of inflation, this protection that gold brings to the table is, without a doubt, something to look into. Gold offers a safety net for wealth losses including real estate and bonds. The money in the world today will eventually decline in value whereas the monetary worth of gold continually rises. Because its worth generally increases, companies intentionally invest in gold in order to protect their business value. As unsure individuals, making the decision to invest in gold is a great idea because if they are able to afford it, they will not be disappointed in the outcome. An unquestionable assurance of the future provides a less stressful devotion to making money; therefore, whether the person pursues a high paying career or a lower income job, money regularly comes in due to the quality of gold. Gold always has a value compared to paper money. That’s why people have, for as long as the records date back, always wanted gold. No matter what a person has saved up in dollar, stock, etc. people have always wanted gold for jewelry and status concepts. There is a finite supply of gold, meaning that people cannot make more of it, which makes it valuable compared to paper money. Because government cannot physically create a larger supply of gold, the amount that is on the Earth today is all that will ever be here. There are people who can just print off stacks of money, degrading its monetary worth from a valuable aspect to worthless (in metaphorical terms). As well as always providing a value that one can simply feel by holding a piece of gold in their hand rather than a piece of paper, gold can also liquidate assets. By liquidating an individual’s assets, their 401K can be moved to precious metal IRAs. This initially adds gold, a precious metal to a persons retirement fund. These pawnshops and other