Steps To Force A Bill Out Of Committee In The American Government

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Chapter 12 p. 348-349 1-23, 25, 26

1. Floor Leader 2. Discharge Petition 3. Quorum 4. Subcommittees 5. Select Committee 6. Committee Chairman, because are members who head the standing committees in each chambers and also hold strategic posts. 7. Discharge Petition, because discharge petition starts a process to force a bill out of committee in the American government. 8. Speaker of the House, because the speaker serves as the presiding officer of the U.S. House of Representatives. 9. Resolution, because a resolution by the House or Senate is the declaration of the legislature's position on an issue. 10. Quorum, because quorum is a gathering of the minimal number of members of an organization to conduct business. 11. (a) It goes a lot slower for the House than during the opening sessions of the senate, the senate is continuous, goes faster than the house, and the House takes more time.
(b) The difference between the two houses when they are in a new session are very close to none. The main difference is that the House of Representatives has more representatives so it takes longer for them to settle. 12. The duties of the presiding officers in the house and the senate are dealing with what bills and laws come up to be voted on. 13. (a) Used by Congress to assign a committee chairpersonship from the majority party who has served on the committee the longest.
(b) The seniority rule ignores ability, rewards mere length of service, and works to discourage younger members. 14. The committees actually hold hearings, investigate the bill and what it would mean, make modifications and re-write the legislation. If the committees then approve the bill it has more than a 90% chance of being adopted by the chamber. 15. (a) House standing committees, Joint committees of congress, and Senate standing committees.
(b) Standing committees make decisions and recommendations for most bills, namely similar ones as they are introduced, Select committees are panels set up for a specific purpose, most often for a limited time, Joint committees can be investigative in nature, but most have routine duties and Conference committees are created to iron out the