American Childhood Report Essay

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American Childhood Report

Thesis Statement:
“Nothing girls did could compare with it”
“I got in trouble for throwing snowballs, and have seldom been happier since”

Second one is the thesis statement but I think she is trying to prove both in this reading.

Introductory and concluding techniques:
She uses description about her remembered feelings and thoughts during the time she played football to emphasize what it was like for her to be around boys and fit in. She uses this technique to allow the writer to gain insight to how it was in her situation. Her detailed introductory paragraphs put the reader into a state of empathy for what she is about to go through with snowball story.

In her conclusion she uses an uplifting technique to bring up the mood of the story. Saying that she would be happy dying from this event leaves the reader with a positive message. The message conveys that people should enjoy their lifes as its happening and live in the moment.

During the reading she uses many strategies that enrich the story. She uses repetition to emphasize the state of the situation which conveys a suspenful sense.
Throughout her story she uses action verbs that enhance the situations. Along with the action verbs, she uses prepositional phrases to support them. A lot of her sentences use repetition to intensify the story. To conclude, she uses great strategies to strengthen the reading including: repetition of key words and sentence patterns, showing simultaneous action using the correct verb tenses, and using adverbs with prepositional phrases to make this an interesting story to read.

Word choice:
Her word choice and diction are outstanding. She uses great adjectives that really appeal the readers senses. These affect the tone by making it more serious and time oriented. It also makes it more fast paced. The story continues to show descriptive sentences that thouroughly explain the perspective of the writer. In conclusion, her vivid language is the thing that stood out to