Essay on American Civil War and Abraham Lincoln Sinner

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Abraham Lincoln
Sinner or Saint
By: Caylah Gilbert


I. Introduction A. Thesis B. Sinner or saint
II. History A. Family History B. Float Boat History C. Things he accomplished History
III. Why Lincoln was a Good president A. slavery/mistakes B. Things he did for the country
IV. Conclusion

Abraham Lincoln was the nation’s greatest president. He was political genius who won’t the ending of slavery and won the civil wars. Abraham Lincoln was a saint to the nation. He ended up becoming a multimillion-dollar industry. A lot of Americas went to visit his memorials and thousands of his books are published. But question is does Lincoln really deserve all of the credit that he’s getting. As historians begin to uncover the dark of his life and politics, they revealed that the president who ended slavery secretly planned to depart the freed black out of America. Citizens are questioning if Abraham Lincoln should be remembered as a hero that saved the nation. Or should he be remembered as a criminal that attacks on the southern civilians. But Society should understand that he was human just like we are. We as humans make mistakes. Lincoln was born February 12, 1809 in a log cabin in Hardin country KY. In 1816 the Lincolns moved to Indians. Lincoln’s parents belonged to a faction of the Baptist church that disapproved of slavery. Abraham Lincoln statement was a “naturally anti-slavery”. Lincoln was raised to farm work, his mother died in 1818 and the following year his father married a Kentucky widow. In 1828 he was able to make a float boat trip to New Orleans. His sister died in childbirth the same year. Abraham Lincoln had a tragic childhood. In 1830 the Lincolns left for Illinois. Abraham made another flatboat trip to New Orleans. In 1831 he left home for New Salem’s, in Sangamon country near spring field. In New Salem Lincoln tried many occupations and served in the Black Hawk war in 1832. Abraham Lincoln was elected captain of his volunteer company. It gave him much satisfaction and it opened new avenues in his life. In February 1860, Lincoln made his first major political appearance. In the northeast when he addressed a rally at the cooper union in New York. Lincoln won the nomination by being the second choice of the majority. He won the presidential election defeating the northern democrat Douglas, the southern democrat John C., Breckinridge and the constitutional union candidate John Ben. Lincoln decided to send provisions to fort Sumter in Charleston harbor. The fort was a symbol of federal authority in the state that held red session. On April 12, 1861 South Carolina fired on the fort and the civil war began. It has come to society that President Lincoln wasn’t perfect. It was a shock to schoolchildren, they were thought that Lincoln was a good president. They were thought that he didn’t do anything wrong. But they never thought children that nobody is perfect. Schools should thought kids that President Lincoln wasn’t perfect. Just because he wasn’t perfect didn’t make him a bad person. People that read a biography of him would be aware of the evolution of Abraham Lincoln thoughts. It started from the time he believed that the preservation of the union was a high priority than abolition of slavery. The other moment when it was showing the only abolition that could preserve the union. Abraham Lincoln was responsible for some harsh union tactics against the south but what people is over looking he is just another human being like us. We are all human just like him. I feel that any United States presidents have less power than we give them credit for. For example they are in the middle of opposing forces. The forces do control more of what happens then the person in the position does. Not only did Abraham Lincoln help slaves, he supported the Homestead Act. The Act allowed poor people in the East to obtain land in the West so