Leaders Of Union Ulysses S. Grant And George Meade

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Chapter 17

1. 2 leaders of Union Ulysses S. Grant and George Meade. Meade served in the Battle of Gettysburg one of the most important battle sin the war. The Confederates efforts to attack the Union army failed. The Union army stood their ground and did not retreat. After 3 days of fighting many of the Confederates soldiers were dead, the Confederates would never try to invade the North again. This meant the Meade had helped in the turning point of the war. In 1864 Lincoln appointed Grant commander in chief of the Union army. Grant was epically helpful in the Battle of Vicksburg. Grant had a brilliant plan, to launch a surprise attack. For more then 6 weeks Grants forces lay siege of Vicksburg. On July 9, Union forces had captured Point Hudson, Louisiana thus cutting the Confederacy in two. 2 leaders of the Confederacy Robert E. Lee and George Pickett. Lee was commander of the Confederacy forces, his most memorable battle was the Battle of Gettysburg. Lee planned to capture Washington, D.C, Lee only had a small part of his army with him and quickly needed reinforcements. Lee ordered an attack on the Union army. But it did not go as planned and at the end of the day Lee’s forces had lost many men. Lee wanted to attack again that failed, again. Lee retreated from that, and never tried to invade the north again, thus changing the war. George Pickett was leader in Picketts charge. When Pickett gave the order to charge union men fired. Pickett’s soldiers fell to the ground. His charge had failed. He had dramatically changed the war for his country

2. African Americans contributed a lot to Civil War. At first they received discrimination. However by the end of the war about 200,000 African Americans had fought for the Union. Also the African Americans at first were not allowed to fight in battles they could not even have ammunition. The white soldiers in this war receive better pay then the African Americans. They were allowed to fight in battles.

3. Union position- Leader Lincoln, had 24 states, believed fighting for independence, had large population. South- leader