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Preliminary Bibliography
Research Question/Topic: What types of impacts did the Battle of Gettysburg have on the Civil War?

Beecham, R. K. Gettysburg, The Pivotal Battle of the Civil War. Chicago: A.C. McClurg & Co., 1911. Print.
This is an overview of The Battle of Gettysburg and everything in between. Covers things such as incidents and campaigns that lead to the battle to everything that happened through the whole battle.

Black, Brian. The Nature of Preservation: The Rise of Authenticity at Gettysburg:
Civil War History, Vol LVIII No. 3 September 2012, pp 348-373. The Kent State University Press. Print.
This article written by Brian Black points out the importance of preservation of battlefield. Keeping the grounds sacred while still inviting for people to visit, reflect and learn. The rise of authenticity at Gettysburg was raised, he states the importance of the commitment to “recreating environmental conditions present in 1963” (Black). This meant that trees may have to come down and animals would have to die, in order to mimic the original landscape.

Bloom, Robert L. We Never Expected A Battle: The Civilians at Gettysburg, 1863:
Pennsylvania Histor, Vol 55 No. 4 (October, 1988) pp 161-200. Penn State University Press. Print.
This article describes what the civilians in the area of Gettysburg endured during the battle and how the people were impacted by the events of the battle.

Catton, Bruce. The Civil War. New York: American Heritage Press, 1971. Print.
This is a general survey of the entire Civil War. This book provides overviews of all battles and historical context of the war. It covers details about the political activities of the Union and Confederate