American Craftsman Essay

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The advertisement that I chose to analyze captures a Louis Vuitton trunk-maker in the process of hammering rivets to attach the lock to a trunk. The lines on the brow and jaw of the trunk-maker show the concentration of the craftsman The look of the craftsman indicates the care and attention to detail that goes into his work This advertisement attempts to instill in the consumer ideas of quality through the image of the lone craftsman and his work. The advertisement does not show the inside of a factory or other workers and in this way harkens back to the specialized artisans of previous generations. Ideas of quality are also evoked through certain details of the image. The greying hair of the craftsman indicates years - years of perfecting his knowledge and skills. This particular trunk-maker is not an apprentice but a master-craftsman. Perhaps his trade has been passed down through his family. Perhaps he is the first in his family to learn the craft but he apprenticed under a well-known master-craftsman. In contrast to his hair, the hands of the craftsman do not show aging. Also, the craftsman's hands are not marred by years of hard labor. The appearance of the craftsman retaining young hands, without signs of years of rugged work, evokes thoughts of vitality and precision. The hands emphasize the care and detail that goes into the work the trunk-maker performs. Precision can also be seen in the careful way that the craftsman holds the rivet and hammer. The craftsman is shown wearing a monogram of the manufacturer. This detail creates a sense of pride on the part of the craftsman - that…