American culture expansion Essay

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American Culture Expansion

With the rapid development of economic and remarkable progress of science and technology, economic globalization has become an inevitable in the development of society. Along with the cooperation of the countries in the economic field is the formation of the cultural globalization, which is marked by the fusion of different cultures. However, an common result of this kind of blending is that a strong culture will popularize as a standard culture of the world.
As a global economic and political superpower, the spread of American values in the entire world is at the leading edge of a wave of spread of Western goods and consumerist culture. Most of the Americans believe that the spread of American beliefs and concepts of universal values are beneficial to most nations because their propagations of ideas such as freedom, democracy, equality, and human rights are concepts that should be universal indeed. However, the rest of the world, especially many of the developing countries, think that American culture is trying to permeate through other countries and to make the other countries to act pro-America both on political and economical levels.

Part 1 American Cultural Imperialism and American Cultural Invasion

On the international stage with fierce competition, many countries influence the international relations with their culture and values, especially the western countries. However, not many countries are so keen to spread their culture as America. American culture expansion is not only widespread but also sustained. Many academics name this aspect of American external relations as Cultural Imperialism.

Cultural imperialism is defined as the cultural aspects of imperialism. Imperialism, here, is referring to the creation and maintenance of unequal relationships between civilizations favoring the more powerful civilization. Therefore, it can be defined as the practice of promoting and imposing a culture, usually of politically powerful nations over less potent societies. It is the cultural hegemony of those industrialized or economically influential countries, which determine general cultural values and standardize civilizations throughout the world. (Wikipedia)

The cultural invasion is the invasion of the enemy on any nation with various means and methods in order to destroy its internal strength and its morals. The difference between cultural invasion and military invasion is that military invasion takes place in order to conquer and defeat the people and the country and achieve military objectives against the will of the people, whereas the purpose of cultural invasion is to brainwash the people so that they would become followers of the invader.

The American political culture expansion
There are three 3 core values of American political culture. These core values are: liberty, equality and self-government. These values are so precious to the continued existence of the US that they pass from generation to generation and encompass all forms of religion, gender, socio-economic background, nationality and heritage.
The word “liberty” is specifically mentioned in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It is the only one of the basic core values that is mentioned in all three of these founding documents. Liberty protects the people from unreasonable governmental intrusion. The Constitution guarantees freedom of speech and expression as well as freedom to practice religion of choice and unreasonable search and seizure to name a few. Liberty is the fundamental principle that individuals should be free to act as they wish so long as they do not limit or restrict freedoms guarantees to others.
In post-revolutionary America, not all persons were treated equally. Indeed, not all persons who entered the ‘land of the free’ were treated as such. White males brought Africans into the country against their will and indentured them as slaves. African-Americans were bound