American Democracy Dbq

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The limits of American democracy rested on the belief that the abilities and character of women and nonwhites were always fixed by nature. Until the twentieth century, debates on which people were able to participate in American democracy took place. The democracy changed in America during the early 19th century. In 1920, the Constitution amended to require states to allow women to vote. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 took away the restrictions put on black voting imposed by many Southern states. The political world of the 19th century was so crucial for the exercise of American freedom and was part of the difference of the women’s role in the home. Women still had limitations like the right of decent treatment by the husband and she can control whatever property the law allows her to.

The Bank of the United States participated in the speculative fever, that swept the country after the end of the War of 1812, by not effectively regulating the currency and the loans issued
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They believed that the government should not interfere with the economy and not give special favors to establish economic interests. The Democrats were supported by aspiring entrepreneurs who object government aid to establish businessmen, large numbers of city working men and farmers suspicious over new corporate enterprise, and by poor farming regions isolated from markets. The Whigs united behind the American System, believing that a via a protective tariff, aid to internal improvements, and a national bank, the federal government could guide economic development. The Whigs were strongest in the Northeast and were supported by businessmen, bankers, the counties of upstate New York along the Erie Canal; farmers in regions near canals, rivers, and the Great Lakes, who benefited from economic changes or hoped