American Diabetes Association and Regional Manager Essay

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Julie Garvin
30/60/90 Day Plan
“Omnipod. At last. Pump therapy with no tubing.”

My goal in the next 90 days with Insulet is to become an expert of Omnipod, while reaching my expected sales quotas. My plan to achieve this success is to plan a strategic territory plan, identifying key customers and consistently closing.
Days 1-30
Learning the IT Systems, reading and understanding company policy and procedure, attending training programs, mastering product knowledge are all tactical initiatives. Complete any internal training, or initiation processes that may be in place.
Maintain a high level of communication with Regional Manager.
Plan and execute objectives of day-to-day tasks and conduct introductory meetings with identified customers.
Schedule time to meet with Veronica to discuss:
1. Make introductory appointments to key customers.
2. Identify territory plan of key accounts and plan of attack when starting in field.
3. Finalize dates to key accounts that best utilize Veronica’s expertise to build relationships with accounts.
Have a clear understanding of the managed care reimbursement process.
Learn names and something personal about the staff members at each office.
Familiarize myself with current work flow processes and communicate with each member in the district at least once a week.
Possibly set up a “ride-a-long” with member in the district.
Research market trends, recognize direct competition and complete a territory SWOT Analysis to identify strengths and weaknesses.
Start planning and scheduling customer training programs (discuss with Veronica).

Days 31-60
Meet with Regional Manager (Tonya) to review and asses my first 30 days.
Concentrate on becoming actively involved in all related Diabetes Community Events.
Schedule time to review previous 90 days with Veronica and implement a plan for these 30 days.
Progressively build relationships, adding a personal touch with accounts, and begin to be identified as