American Dream Reflection

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I love how the American Dream is explained in the reading. The American Dream is so important to me I believe all students should have an equitable education that helps them strive to succeed. It shouldn’t matter what their skin color or race is, because everyone is human, and has the same rights in this country. We all have feelings, and our own opinions. I strongly believe that all children should have the same amount of resources and opportunities when they’re young, because I do know that once they get older they can decide whether they want to further their education or not. I do understand that sometimes students who come from different countries only speaking one language could be hard for teachers to give them the same attention they give others. In that case sometimes it is not the teachers’ fault sometimes it is the schools fault by not having enough multicultural teachers to help students who are also multicultural. Society does play a part in this as well by automatically judging someone for their appearance or their culture. I think that we have gotten used to the way society pictures “different” people. By different I mean not white. From my experience I have not seen an African American teacher. It can be that there is no interest in the major or it can also be society and the school we are going to look for a job. …show more content…
I would like to know what exactly they mean by high quality teacher because I think everyone has a different perspective in this. For me a high quality teacher is someone who gets their kids engaged into the material without leaving any kids behind even if they are slow or more advanced, and they care for their improvement rather than a simple test score. Unfortunately test scores and grades have a big importance in a student’s education, but a teacher should have their student’s knowledge, success and improvement as a priority. Others might think