The Importance Of Slaves In America

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As the world grew, and the knowledge of new land had spread, many people traveled in hopes of claiming it as their own. Though the control of property was a main priority to most, others sought to spread their religions and cultures across the globe. For the Spanish, gold was all that interested them, and they would destroy anything or anyone that got in their way. The Puritans weren't seeking gold as much as they were religious freedom, which was the main reason they traveled to the Americas. As for African American Slaves, it was not so much that they came here looking for anything in particular, but more so that they were brought here by trade, often sent by their own people in exchange for food and goods. The Spanish, Puritans, and Slaves all came to the Americas for one reason or another, and in time began to live what they thought was their American Dream. The Spanish were interested in only one thing, gold. Spanish rulers sent Christopher Columbus to the west to search for land and golden treasures. Columbus pronounced many islands to be under spanish rule on his way to what would soon be called the Americas. As Columbus kept on west looking for gold, he left many spanish men behind in the areas he had claimed to be the Indies. Following Columbus' death, many of the spanish settlers learned of the possibilities of great fortune that lied within the Americas. These conquistadors, later lead by Hernan Cortez, came together to form a minuscule army and headed towards Tenochiland, home of the Aztec Indians, where they planned to invade the city and leave with surplus amounts of gold. When the Spanish arrived, a battle between themselves and the Aztecs broke out. The Aztecs were no match for the Spanish, for the weapons the possessed with inferior. After wiping out half of the Aztec Indian warriors, Cortez was able to form relationships with other outlying Indian tribes who had previously been apprehended by the Aztecs, and together Cortez and his new immense army seized control over the entire Aztec community. Soon after the battle, those of the Aztec Indians that survived quickly began dying off. Cortez and his men not only came to the Americas with a strong goal, but also diseases that the Indians were not exempt from. The diseases spread across the country rapidly, and eliminated many Indian tribes, including those who made up a large portion of Cortez's army. Though the Spanish lost an abundance of men, they went on to conquer other empires, wiping out their populations with military force and deathly diseases. The Spanish were in a violent search for gold, and raped and killed many of those who got in their way. They looked for the golden cities for years, only to be disappointed by its nonexistence. they encountered many battles and killed numerous amounts along the way, all in hopes of a dream they would never achieve. The Spanish then devoted themselves to God, and dedicated their time in converting others to Catholicism. What had seetmed to be most valuable to the Spanish became unimportant, and their focus' shifted. The Puritans came to the Americas from England, and were seeking religious freedom. The Puritans were originally a part of the Church of England, but became irate due to its anti-Christian ways. The Puritans wanted to eliminate all forms of Catholicism, and came to the Americas trying to influence many to become ones with the Christian faith. As many Puritans colonized in the Americas, their religious values grew stronger. New England was thriving with Puritan families, and continued to grow as the problems within the Church of England amplified. New England was not the only area were the Puritans had resided. Massachusetts Bay was home for many of them as well. John Winthrop led more Puritans to Massachusetts, and believed God wanted them to be a perfect example to others. They lived in houses that were close together, allowing themselves to be watched, and slimming the chances of doing wrong.