American Education System Flawed Essay

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The Flawed United States Education System After 13 years of formal schooling, the average American high school graduate should be a well educated, workforce ready individual. Well, the fact is, they might not be as educated and workforce ready as they should be. Nearly every presidential candidate has brought to attention that the United States Education System is failing the American people. They may not unanimously agree on a way to fix this issue, but they do recognize that it is an important subject that needs to be revised. Students and their parents notice these defects as well. They criticize the system for teaching irrelevant information that students won’t always need upon graduating. In addition, more pressure is put on students to get good grades rather than to actually learn the material. Due to students being taught irrelevant information, getting low test scores, and having no motivation to learn, the American secondary education system is a flawed system in need of …show more content…
Chicosky states “Today there is no common, stated goal for education.” She also states, “There has been a common theory for education: education should lead to productive and contributing members of society.” However, that is not the case today. Students have no motivation to learn. They are frequently tardy and absent, but even when they are there, there is little to no motivation or desire to learn and do well. These unmotivated students often disrupt the learning environment and take away from those that embrace education and see education as a privilege. Chicosky also brings up the point that the international statistics comparing the United States to other countries in math, reading, science, dropout rates, and post-school employment and earning indicate a struggling educational structure in