American Film Actors and Company Dancers Essay

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Estrada 2

Vanessa Estrada
Professor Michelle St. George
English 801
18 November 2014
Midterm Prompt
The campaign I am interested in is “Wireless Connection – A Contemporary
Fusion Dance Show” by Point Of View Dance Project. Colleagues Amy Adams and
Kylie Thompson founded this campaign in late 2013. Its goal is to get help from the community to produce this project by funding money to pay theatre rental fees, pay company dancers, costume costs, marketing and advertising costs, and print material costs. In addition, Point of View Dance Project wants to generate more opportunities for dancers around the city and for “the arts community” and want the world to know the importance of dance. They want to invest in one another and display arts gratefulness to the upcoming generations. The aspects of this campaign that seem to be particularly important are funding enough money to pay the dancers and to pay the theatre rental fees.
Others should know the importance behind this campaign and the way it will benefit the dancers in the future.
I chose this campaign because I really enjoyed the video and the information each individual provided. The aspect of this campaign I like is how it brings people together from all over the world. Moreover, I found really appealing how the money being funded goes to the dancers and to the expenses being made to help host the show. My favorite thing about this campaign is how it does not just focus on their eight company dancers,