Essay on American Film Actors and Jerry

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Dork In Disguise
How I felt about Jerry is that he is hiding his personality. I think that if he shows who he shows who he really is then maybe people will really like him, but if Jerry shows what he is really like than people won’t like him as much. I’m not really sure about this character. I don’t really know what Jerry is going to be like at the end of the book.
I like the character Brenda. She shows her real personality. Brenda is fun to read about .I like how she tries help Jerry. She makes obvious that something is cool to help Jerry. Like when a boy named Gabe walked by she said something like “Look at that hair” making it clear that Jerry should try something like that. I think Brenda is very helpful.
Cinnamon is the pretty valley girl. She likes the boy named Gabe. She has lots of friends and is pretty popular. She is not very smart though either.
This book is about a kid named Jerry he is a dork or a nerd as other people would say. He just moved and he going into middle school. He wants to fit in so he tries disguises himself as a cool guy. He meets a girl named Brenda she is also a nerd and she noticed that Jerry was new and wore glasses but wasn’t wearing them. She becomes friends with Jerry and tries to help Jerry be cool. Jerry sees a girl he likes and her name is Cinnamon. She is pretty popular and is not very smart. Brenda tries to help Jerry be cool to get Cinnamon. On the first day of school in his first period he