Essay American Films and Video Game Incident

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Thomas Dart 6,7,12
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The Video Game Incident Part 2

A couple months after the video game incident, Quinn and I were playing hide and seek.”… 7…8…9…10! Here I come!” I said. The first place I checked was behind the CD rack. That’s where I hide and still nobody knows I do. But Quinn wasn’t there. I checked in other various spots, but Quinn was nowhere to be found. Then, I noticed the TV was on.” Huh. Why is that on?” I said. I walked over to turn it off, but before I could, I heard a shriek.
I jumped up in surprise. I quickly scanned my surroundings, but nothing seemed unusual. Hmm. This seems all too familiar. I wondered. Then I took a closer look at the TV, and what I saw confirmed my suspicions. It meant Quinn will be dragging me into another adventure. It meant Quinn was going crazy again. It meant I would be getting back into the video game.
Reluctantly, I did the procedures called for, being stepping onto a tiny toy. I joined the game and my world went spinning. When my head cleared, I was in a familiar place, only this time, I wasn’t Zook. I was Prism Break. I looked around and saw Whirlwind. ”Really, Quinn? Fighting monsters with rainbows?”” And lightning!” he said. That did it. If you drag me into something like this ONE more time, I swear, I’ll…””are you done? Because we need to fight Kaos… AGAIN!!!”Quinn