American Films and Young Age Essay

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The Ending During in his youth years, Owen was not really bothered by his figure and voice. Others might have seen it as a disadvantage, but he knew at a very young age that God made him that way for a reason. He did not have a clue what could the reason possibly be, but he stuck to his acknowledgements. He learned how to be different from others. Owen would even invent games that would benefit everyone around to play. It would be kind of paranormal to have a dream with a date of your death, but it would be more abnormal to see the how you die. Owen took actions to make that dream true. He saw himself as a hero in the dream, and he knew that God has given him time to prepare. For one, the shot that John and himself have been practicing for so long. Owen might have been the greatest student in Gravesend Academy, but he kept up with his grades in college to stay in the ROTC program. He stopped smoking, but he started to drink beer, because he saw that a habit of the soldier. I do not even think Owen finished college. Instead he went to Arizona for a job, and the job was to receive the fallen soldier’s bodies. I might not be the best job, but he knew he has to stay there. At the end, everything turned out to be a puzzle. Owen lost his arms because God has taken Johns mother and his hands were the instrument. Therefore he is God’s instrument. John has always been in his dreams, and the reason was to put the shot in real action. But most importantly, the children listen