American Flag Stand For Tolerance Essay

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Acceptance is a willingness to tolerate and respect the existence of unorthodox ideas without exhibiting evident distaste or prejudice. It is essentially the key to a united and fair society free of social discrimination. By analyzing various pieces of literature including "American Flag Stands For Tolerance", The Wife's Story, and Towards A True Refuge, we are able to see the importance of adopting tolerant attitudes towards people who hold different beliefs or opinions from ourselves. We must not allow our singular views on race, religion, or sexuality to interfere with our relationships in modern society as no two people will ever agree on every single thing; therefore, the only alternative is societal isolation.
"American Flag Stands for Tolerance” is a principal argument for the fact that we should ponder others’ beliefs even if they are extremely contradictory to
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Aung San Suu Kyi claims, “Developed and developing nations alike suffer as a result of policies removed from a framework of values which uphold minimum standards of justice and tolerance” (17-19). This proposes the idea that nations suffer from a lack of civil equality and an inability to accept others for who they are. Governments have tried to force their subjects to conform to social norms, depriving them of their basic human rights to freedom of expression. Kyi’s claims are similar to Allen’s when he spoke of the Constitution pardoning the burning of the American flag. Kyi continues on to say, “even long affluent societies are plagued by formidable social ills which have provoked deep anxieties about the future” (53-55). She asserts that the injustices that result from a failure to accept others in society are harming our world more than we like to think; therefore, we must learn to respect all opinions, even ones we may not completely agree