American Health Care Essay

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Charles R. Morris, the author of the article Why U.S History Care Costs Aren’t Too High, makes it clear in his first few sentences that there have been many arguments about American health care turning disastrous, but the rumors about the costs threatening to destroy the economy is misled. Morris then goes on to explain the difference between the costs and spendings and backs up his argument with a very reasonable example. In the third paragraph he explains how much of the health care spendings actually go to the very ill patients and the number is extremely high. He backs up doctors by saying that they really “don’t know in advance which patients are going to die,” and most do recover. Heart attack patients are the main contributors to this statement at this time. He tells the readers that a great deal of these patients survive and are living thier lives normally, but still have to purchase very expensive medicine, regularly visit doctors, and some even get sick with other diseases. He ends the third paragraph with a very strong question that really gets you thinking, “Does that mean we should stop saving heart attack victims?” This question may strike people as horrible because he is basically asking if doctors should let their patients die without even trying to help. In the next two paragraphs he gives a lot of statistics about health care spendings and GDP. He states that “simple economics is driving health care’s expansion,” and also follows that statement up with an example. His statistics and examples help the readers better understand his arguments because he is showing that not only does he have his own opinions, but he has actual facts to back up everything he is saying. Morris says that over the next couple of decades the health care’s share of GDP will greatly increase which “would not be a bad thing.” He goes on again with more examples to better explain himself. This will most likely be a positive expansion for trade balances and international competitiveness. Also, he says that people could still…