American Hero? Essay

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Jianyue Tang
Mrs. Hyatt
ENG 101
20 February 2013 HERO
What is a hero? A hero is someone that people admire. In today's modern times, people hear the word hero all of the time.
In 19 centuries, it wasn't hard to be a heroin America. Getting a name of the hero is like working hard on the game or making money on business, or lack of something.
In American life history, we have seen a lot of heroes. There was a real hero. People who declare American Constitution are genuine heroes for the past, present, and future. The name of those people will stay forever. They fought for human being right, speech, equality, and democracy. Hero definition is different from one country to another country for example, the former Afghanistan government was believed that the terrorists who killed those innocent people are heroes.
Nowhere is not the way we know, but the hero is a person who fights for freedom, democracy, and equality on human being. In a different century are unique heroes. 16 centuries were Abraham Lincoln William Jefferson was heroes. From now on to be a hero, it isn't the way we thought. Hero is a man or women who wears a uniform fighting with the enemy and scarify their life for their country. Each countries is not the same as the definition of hero, in our Chinese eyes Yao Ming is our hero, he lets other countries know more about us also let us learn more about hero culture in the US. There are lots of movies about heroes in the US, because many Americans have a hero complex. Of course, people can become heroes must have a unique ability to distinguish it from other people. I think Steve Jobs is one of them, he pushed Apple software to the global and let all of us knows that project and he developments the modern social and culture get the super contrition for the human. Like the movies told us if you have the greater ability, you must get the greater responsibility. The hero is always lonely he must let people thought that he can’t be defeated, so he must temper himself every day, must let him become more powerful. Because of these heroes exist so we can have faith to live, let the people exceeded the target.
The superheroes who are people wanted to be. In general, it`s a symbol of all heroes from ancient times to now. Another words, it`s bind their democracy, and equality on human being to those super heroes. However, we all know some superheroes in our mind, maybe they are not real exist, but they can inspire so many people. Superheroes are extraordinarily powerful people who have both strengths and weaknesses. They typically have superpowers--the ability to fly or to leap over tall buildings--or at least normal human abilities that they have developed to a superhuman level. That is a kind of superheroes, they can show the strengths to us and let us know there are some power that can protect people in the world or just in our mind. When we confront adversity in our