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1.) Describe with clear and specific details from the texts the role the state of Florida played in the outcome of the Election of 1876. What other states played a similar role? Floridian democrats played a change on the election of 1876 by refusing to count the votes of some republicans and African Americans. Republicans also accused the democrats in Louisiana and South Carolina of not counting the votes for the specific people either. Also, in Florida republicans claimed to have won by 922 votes out of about 47,000 cast. The Democrats claimed to have only won by 94 votes. Democrats accused the Republicans of ruining the ballots in one pro-Tilden Florida area by smearing them with ink and altering the election. Another way Florida along with Louisiana, Oregon, and South Carolina hinged the election was when they each submitted two sets of electoral returns to Congress with different results.
2.) What were the components of the Compromise of 1877? What governmental groups and individuals were involved, etc.? Be sure to include all relevant facts from the texts above, including who was involved, what was agreed upon, where this event took place, the results of the event, etc. In January of 1877 Congress came up with the compromise of 1877 to resolve the issues of Florida, Louisiana, Oregon, and South Carolina. This compromise was made up of five U.S. representatives, five senators, and five Supreme Court justices. The justices included two democrats, two republicans and independent, Justice David Davis. Before the commission could come up with a decision, Davis was elected into the U.S. senate, with the democrats of Illinois hoping this would encourage Davis to support the democrats, instead he recused himself and was replaced by republican, Justice Joseph Bradley. Bradley’s vote created an eight to seven ruling, along with straight party lines, in order to reward all the uncertain elector votes to Rutherford B. Hayes. His result produced such hostility that many feared it would bring up a second civil war. Democrats threatened to delay the official counting of the electoral votes to prevent Hayes from assuming the presidency. A meeting took place in February of 1877 in Washington D.C. at the Wormley Hotel. During this meeting democratic leaders accepted Hayes’ election in exchange for Republican promises to remove federal troops in the south, provide federal funding for the south, and name a southerner to the