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Mrs. Emerson
26 January 2014
American Woman All woman that have made history in America should all be considered equal and important, because they have all made a difference one way or another. There are multiple woman who have changed the ways of the worlds such as Woman Rights, and child labor. Although the topics may be different, they are all something to consider as relevant in the change of America. There is quite a variety of woman who helped make this world a better place but, only so many can be listed at one time. To start off, American Civil Rights Leader, Susan B. Anthony dedicated her life to trying to make one another equal, and not in just one way but all ways. She spoke out to many woman whom were abused or mistreated by their husbands, that thought they had to be with that man to get by, and she did things in a whole different direction like, worked on anti-slavery petitions in the House of Representatives. On January 8, 1868, Anthony published the women's rights weekly journal The Revolution, in New York City.The motto was: "The true republic—men, their rights and nothing more; women, their rights and nothing less." Anthony was the publisher and manager, with Elizabeth Cady Stanton as editor. The reason of The Revolution was to fix women’s and African-Americans’ right to suffrage, but it also talked about issues of equal pay for equal work, more divorce laws and the church’s position on women’s issues. In 1869, Anthony and Stanton made the National Woman Suffrage Association, also known as voting rights for woman. In the early years of the NWSA, Anthony tried to unite women in the labor movement, but it did not work She and Stanton were delegates at the 1868 convention of the National Labor Union. However, Anthony united the labor movement because she encouraged women to get independence by entering the printing trades, where male workers were on strike. Anthony was removed from the National Labor Union over this arguement. In February of 1890, Anthony organized the making of the NWSA with Lucy Stone's American Woman Suffrage Association, creating the National American Woman Sufffrage Assocation . Stanton, a suffragist, attacked Anthony's stance, writing that Anthony and Lucy Stone "see suffrage only. They do not see woman's religious and social bondage." Anthony said "We number over ten thousand women and each one has opinions.. and we can only hold them together to work for the ballot by letting alone their whims and prejudices on other subjects!" On the other hand, there are more woman that have effected the way of life, such as Florence Kelley, she was an American social reformer. Her work against sweatshops and for the minimum wage, eight-hour workdays, and children's rights is