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Dear Mr. Hamburg,

My Name is Maurice Wade I was born in the city of Baltimore, Maryland. I am the son of my mom Marissa Wade. We moved from Baltimore to Parkview and then from there when I was 3 we moved to the city of Jefferson. When I was young it was a lot of problems in my household. that is really my only fear in life is that my mom will leave again and never come back. My other fear is fear itself. I don’t like to think about failing my mom or myself in life. I don’t want to fail anybody, I want a family and I want to become a very successful man and make something out of myself which is very rare in my family. I would be one of the first people in my family to actually go to college. From the start me and my mom are really close and it takes a lot to break us apart.
My goals in life are that I become successful and that I will make the world change and become known for changing the world ONLY in a positive way that people will recognize me like we do Martin Luther King himself every year. I want to make my mom proud and to get her approval of everything I do that’s why I strive to be the best in everything that I do. Most people would think that I am a weird guy because I have ADHD and that I think entirely different and see the world and its situations very differently than them. I love to be different and to be a leader but I don’t know how to start and to have people look up to me the way they do celebrities. I look forward to a very great year this year