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American History Final Exam

Topic 1: Technology of the Industrial Age The industrial revolution was the transformation of the US from an agricultural nation to an industrial revolution full of new technologies, ideas, and theories. For most people, the impacts of the industrial age were positive. It gave Americans more jobs, better machinery, and improved the efficiency of farming techniques. These improvements changed the overall proficiency of factories using new methods. One of the main results of the industrial revolution were the jobs and employment. Because of these rapid improvements of technology in factories, more people were hired to work at the factories. The employees, instead of needing a wide set of skills, focused more on specialization of labor. Any certain employee would only need to know one or two skills in the factory for a given job. However, the industrial age also had negative impacts on the jobs. Child labor was still prominent in a good amount of the factories. The working conditions in these factories were very poor, and for the most part had little pay. The industrial age had both positive and negative effects on employment in factories. At this point there were still improvements to be made on the regulations of the factories. During this period there were many rapid advances in machinery. Because of supply and demand, the factories needed more efficient technology. While more and more products were being produced, they needed to improve their machines to keep up with these mass produced goods. On the negative side, we became more dependent on these machines to do simple jobs for us. The machinery advances also made us ignorant to the limited resources that we were using up to use these machines. There were also improvements in the farming methods used in everyday life. The new technologies of the industrial era increased the food production from farms. Farms also didn’t need as many employees because the new machinery took their jobs. Farmers only needed to know a certain set of skills (specialization of labor) to succeed at their job. On the negative side, because, of the abundance of food and jobs, there was a huge population explosion. In conclusion, there were both positive and negative impacts of the new technology of the Industrial Age. Changes in jobs, machinery, and farming technologies had a substantial effect on our country. Some say that the world would be better off if the industrial revolution never happened. I personally think that the positives outweigh the negatives. These changes shaped our modern day world into what it is today. Topic 3: Are most immigrants happy that they came to the US? Although everyone migrates to the United States for different reasons, I think that most of them are satisfied with their life in America. Most say that discrimination isn’t usually a big part of their daily lives. The reason that immigrants come to the US varies from person to person. Most immigrants come to the US because of the education system, amazing opportunities, or they just need a fresh start. The education system in the US is appealing to a lot of immigrants. High school drop-outs, older people, and people with disabilities all have the chance to have an education and even go to college. This is often uncommon in other countries. The US also has lots of opportunities available after college. The jobs generally offer higher pay since the dollar is normally higher than it is in most other countries’ currencies. Some immigrants come to the US for their education just so they can go back to their native country to get a better job there than they could have with an education from that country. The US has lots of opportunities that other countries might not have. Immigrants believe that they have the chance to make something out of themselves. Some migrate to the US solely because they are in search of freedom of religion.