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Cynthia Cabrera
American History
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I will be writing about the article known as “An Act for Suppressing Outlying Slaves (1691)”. This article is mainly based on the specific concerns that Virginians are attempting to address with the legislation on slave codes. In my perspective, these laws tend to be really harsh and aren’t being justifiable to the slaves. During the time, America was undergoing many historical systems such as slavery, discrimination and the discipline they had on slaves. The authors are Virginian Legislatures, and basically what was occurring in their lives was that they were explaining the 1691 act and its outcomes. An act for suppressing outlying slaves covering divers subjects, states whereas many times Negroes, mulattoes and other slaves lie hid and lurk in obscure places killing hogs and committing other injuries, it is enacted, that the sheriff may raise so many forces from time to time as he shall think convenient for the effectual apprehending of such Negroes. If they resist or runaway they may be killed of destroyed by gun or otherwise whatsoever, provided that the owner of any slave killed shall be paid four thousand pounds of tobacco by the public. In addition to how they planned on creating these laws to make the slave code a lot stricter by they’re out slaying acts and its impact on the slaves.
Throughout the 1690s, Virginia endured many strict slave codes in regarding to how they should be controlled, manipulated and commanded. As Virginia struggled to make sense of slavery’s social implications, the growing number of African slaves in the colony exposed new dilemmas. The author states how the out slaying slaves are not following rules and the whole situation of intermarrying with different races. But he says this in a very firm and strict tone that exposes the hatred he feels towards slaves. In the passage he gives a brief quote on his claim, “ that abominable mixture and spurious issue which hereafter may encrease in this dominion, as well by Negroes, mulattoes, and Indians intermarrying…” With that said, you can see that the author strikes at the Negroes, Indians and Whites on how there can be certain consequences marrying someone outside their own race.
Also, he states the consequences of how slaves tended to escape from their masters or runaway. As stated in the passage, “in case any Negroes, mulattoes or other slave or slaves lying out as aforesaid shall resist, runaway, or refuse to deliver and surrender him…” With the author saying that, he basically explains how by not regulating the rules, slaves might want to take the risk of escaping but if at any point they get caught, they may get killed or destroyed by a gun. Also, having a child and how the mother has to pay a certain amount in order to be