Short Summary: Why School Is Important For Young Adults

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American History Bret
Chapter 8 Mini Projects Period 5 Poem 11/25/13

Americans can create the life they want.
Many struggle at first, but settle after years.
Everyone has some rights, but not equal rights.
Rights can't be taken away or changed to worsen life.
Investors develop new businesses.
City Life becomes more popular, compared to farm life.
Airplanes are invented, and are used more often.
New retail option known Chain and Department stores develop.

High schools grow, and a re more popular. vIolence increases against African Americans.
Skyscrapers become more popular, and taller than before.
Technology continues to develop.
PrOmoting fine arts, fine arts are now recommended for all to learn.
Revolution in printing, published printings increase.
Youth are encouraged to get as much education as they can.

American History Bret
Chapter 8 Mini Projects Period 5 The Letter 11/26/13

Dear Munch Family,

I am writing you to inform you of the reasons why it is important that your six children and any future children go to school. There have been many recent reasonings why school is important for young children and developing young adults. I hope that through this letter you will realize that schooling is important for you, your children, and any children of the future. First off I want to start with the social aspect of schooling. It has recently been discovered that preschool and kindergarten, and early schooling in general that children are more likely to be more socially active, and have better communication skills with people. I believe that you want the best for your children. If all children get the social skills that they need, then our current and future country will be better off, and continue to strive to be the best that we can. So, do you want your child to be a horrible communicator, or be social and develop America? Second, the more education they receive, the better they will be. If they receive at least 14 years of education, they will have social, communication, knowledge, and other necessary skills to be successful in our country. With more knowledge they can develop an understanding for anything they set their minds to, and have the support of. So again I ask a question, do you want your child to be productive with better knowledge, or just rely on what you teach them and they teach themselves? Finally, I want to mention they are our future. If you don't give them the education they deserve. With proper education they will be our future architect, construction workers, accountants, entrepreneurs, and other critical jobs and positions. So send them to schools, so they get 14 years of great education, in which they will be able to develop our country when they graduate, and even better send them to college after 14 years of elementary and high school. 18 years of school will create the best life that they can possibly have. So send them to school, and don't second guess it.