The History Of America

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Hunter Cunningham
Mrs. Mael
English III
1 September 2013

The history of our country is important in knowing and understanding our culture. From the early days of America when the sole inhabitants were Indians and many species of wildlife, until today with our feuds with other countries. Everything needs to be known in order to understand our culture and ways of life. Everything started in 1492 when Christopher Columbus discovered America. After he found the new country, the pilgrims sailed over and befriended some Indians who taught them how to live off the land. The pilgrims came to America to escape religious rules, and purify their religion to its original form. They built houses, settlements, then farms. Over time many more people moved over, settlements grew, and an economy was established. The king of Britain decided he wanted to take control of America, and he sent over soldiers to enforce his rules and taxes he would put on the country’s trade. The people put up with this for a while out of fear, but they could only take so much before they decided to band together and rebel. America wanted freedom, so they started what was called the Revolutionary War. The war America was now engaged in could end with complete freedom, or a tighter hold from the British. Britain was so far from America, it would make the war extra difficult for the brits. After many years and a costly war, America came out victorious. The British lost too many battles and their