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The cost of higher education today generates countless debates and impassioned arguments. What’s often ignored are the negative effects it has on our education system and student’s potential capabilities. Too many people from low-income families cannot afford to send their children to college which eventually has a direct effect on our country’s economy. People hear a lot about government support of public schooling, student loan debts, rising tuition and fees, and the high price of textbooks. These aspect are hurting the education system

In Hacker and Drifus book, “Higher Education?: How Colleges Are Wasting Our Money and Failing Our Kids---and What We Can Do About,” they talk about how colleges have lost its main goal which is to educate young people but also agrees on what Robinson is saying in her article. The authors both believe in affordable schooling for all Americans. In the book, they interviewed schools across the country and introduced schools who have progressive ideas about education. They talked about Cooper Union which is an art and architecture school in New York. The students there are not in debt and can go into various fields of interest. Hacker and Drifus states, “Without the ministries of debt, they contemplate limitless possibilities. Cooper can do that because it dedicates its endowment to a tuition-free education; other well- endowed universities might do well and follow suit.” They believe if schools were not as expensive more people would be able to go and invest in an education they want. Robinson believes that it is time to end higher tax credit. The amount of federal aid a university gets the higher the tuition can go. Robinson states, “It’s time to end higher education tax credits. The cash-strapped federal government can’t afford to spend money on programs with dubious benefits and myriad problems.” They both want schools to be well funded, however, they both want colleges solely focused on the education and not the money. They also want affordable solutions for institutions. Some families who have a member with a disability do not receive a tax credit and does not pay taxes. Some are even lucky to receive financial aid as well as scholarships and grants. Many students have to resort to community college over a higher institution solely on the reason of expenses alone. This issue is running rampant in our recession ridden economy and is affecting families and students greatly. So even if a tax credit is applied most students will not be able to afford college as is.

In Larry Abramson’s article , “Why Is College So Expensive”, he explains how three main factors contribute to the increase in tuition over the past few decades. The first is the competition for high talent. Universities pride themselves on having the best professors or world-renowned scientists to teach students, and these faculty members require large salaries. Another key factor in tuition growth is how much financial aid is given to each school. As the government pumps more aid into a school, the tuition goes…