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The American Revolution Website Evaluation

The United States revolution is one of the most iconic events in not just American, but world history. So when performing research on a platform as vast as the internet, proper precautions must be taken. A well designed and thorough web evaluation should be done to ensure the credibility and integrity of the website’s content. Certain Criteria involve who authored the website, when the website was created, when it was last updated, who the website was intended for, what types of resources the website offers, and the sites overall value to the reader.

The website is a very informative website that tells about the people and events of the American Revolution. The website
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There is also a gigantic interactive timeline for every major event from 1732 to 1781. Recently Logan has also added videos (some reenactments and some documentaries) to the website which is something very unique to this genre of site. The website does not have any bias as it is just a massive compilation of biographies and documents from the era. Lastly, this website provides massive value to over 3 million people a year. It has accreditations from over 2000 other websites and continues to deliver valuable content every day.

A website primarily targeted for young school children learning about the American Revolution is . The website was created by the KidInfo group which is a large offline and online community that helps to inform young students (elementary level) about various grade school subjects. KidInfo as a whole also owns over 100 more resource type websites in various different subjects. The subdomain that this resource page is located on was created in 2003 and has been steadily updated since then. The last modification of this website was on September 14th 2010, proving that this website is frequently updated and maintained with the most relevant information. This webpage has over 100 external links and subdomains containing information of the entire revolution. While the information on the website is made for a younger audience, it is still extremely valuable and useful. The